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Testimonials of nine men who use Dr. Joel's penis enlargement pump system. The first four men include two photos showing with and without clothing.


 Hello, my name is Chris. I am 37 years old and I live in Buffalo, New York. Several years ago, I saw The Dr's advertisement in a local Buffalo weekly newspaper. I am an exhibitionist and I always had a large penis. However, I always wanted to get even bigger. I have been using The Dr's system for several years. I am huge now and I love going to clubs and showing off my size. My sincere thanks to The Dr. 

- Chris (Buffalo, New York)


 My name is Anthony and I am a 41-year-old straight male. I am a contractor and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I have a very strong sex drive and enjoy having sex every day with my girlfriends. I have been using Dr Joel's pump system for many years. All my past and present girlfriends love my large penis. They have all noticed that I have gotten much bigger and harder since I have been using the pump. I highly recommend using the electric pump. I tried the hand pump, but I found that the electric pump was much easier and more satisfying with better results.

- Anthony (Anchorage, Alaska)


 Greetings, my name is Jose and I live in Miami, Florida. I am 27 years old and bisexual. I enjoy working out every day at the gym. I complete my work out program by using Dr Joel's pump system three times a week. I saw The Doc's advertisement in a local South Beach publication. I have spoken with The Doc several times. He is a real nice guy, very professional and helpful. I have used the electric pump for one year. I have gotten so much longer and thicker. Men and women love my new penis size.

- Jose (Miami, Florida)


 Howdy, my name is Fernando and I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am 29 years old and I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a very busy man because I go to school full time and I wait tables at night. However, I always find time to workout at the gym and use my electric pump. The Doc's pump system is the best on the market. I have gotten so much bigger and everybody notices and enjoys my penis.

- Fernando (San Juan, Puerto Rico)


 Your electric pump is a miracle product! My orgasms, post session, are generally the greatest since I turned 17. At 41 years old, I love to wear tight jeans without underwear to give women a rush of excitement at the supermarket or anywhere else in my neighborhood. It feels totally intoxicating to be the male equivalent of a "teaser". At a nearby Southern California beach, wearing my tight swimming trunks I get admiring lustful looks from bikini babes. My new penis has lots of vascularity. I need bigger cylinders as I've outgrown the two I purchased initially. But it's totally worth it! My new penis looks like it's here to stay, it's heavy and totally intimidating! Thanks a million!

- Mike (San Diego, California)


 I have to show you my before and after. I am a body builder and work out five days a week. I have a great body and now my penis matches my pecs. After seven months of using the pump it's gone from 7 to 10 inch's, and is very thick. My lady makes me model underwear for her friends (I know what she is really showing them). Your electric pump system is my final body building workout! I also take testosterone while pumping for an extra boost. Enjoy the photos, feel free to put them on your website. Thanks Doc!

- Paul (Bozeman, Montana)


 The electric pump is excellent! I've been keeping a photo diary since starting with the pump, I didn't expect to see results so soon. Amazing. Measuring has turned into my weekly highlight! I had to show this monster off, it's bursting out of my pants. Enjoy! There's "more" where that came from.

- Rodney (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)


 I had to send you an e-mail to tell you how awesome your electric pump system is. My dick is way thicker than it was before I started. I've been using the pump almost every day for 6 months. My wife actually complained that it was getting too big for her! My brother turned me onto your device, I'd wasted time and money elsewhere, so had he. Your pump is hands down the best piece of medical equipment we've ever purchased. Thanks again.

- Anonymous (New York)


 Love the pump Dr. Joel. I'm LARGER THAN LIFE thanks to you! 

- Isiah (Spokane, Washington)