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Pump Erection Enhancer


  • The Dr's Pump Erection Enhancer is a stretchy, dual-handle, erection ring that is designed specifically for use with his Pump Systems.  It fits securely on the base of a cylinder, and readily slips over an erection.  Features:

    Handles for Ease of Use
    Available in Clear and Ivory
    Hygienic Silicone Construction



The Dr’s Pump Erection Enhancer is a silicone constriction ring that is specially designed for use with his vacuum therapy pumps.  The dual-handle design facilitates placement over a cylinder or hardened penis.  It can be used to help maintain an erection after a pump session, and fits securely on the base of a pump cylinder, ready to slip over an erection.

Handles for Ease of Use
Available in Clear and Ivory
Hygienic Silicone Construction

Initial Size: 3.75 inches wide including handles (10cm), 1.5 inch insertion diameter (4cm)

The Dr’s Pump Erection Enhancer ring can be depended upon for size increases and greater penis sensitivity, both of which improve male performance and increase confidence in ability.

Works perfect with water-based lubricants like The Dr’s Pumper’s Lube, and it’s easy to keep clean with antibacterial soap.  Wash after each use, do not store in contact with other sexual aids.  Not for use with silicone based lubricants.  Use should be restricted to no more than 30 minutes at a time.  Prolonged restriction may cause injury, use common sense.  Should any complications occur discontinue use immediately.

Due to the nature of this product, we do not accept opened-package returns.

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