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Prostate Massager


  • The Dr's Prostate Massager is sized and shaped for ultimate prostate stimulation.  This half-inch wide (1.3cm), 6.75 inch long (17cm), multi-speed, vibrator has an angled inch thick bulb end for perfect contact with the prostate.  Features:

    ABS (firm non-porous plastic), Phthalate-Free
    Angled for Ultimate Contact
    Great for Beginners


Another fun device designed to hit the male g-spot.  Dr’s Prostate Massager is a 6 inch long anal probe, with a slim design for maximum comfort and pleasure.  The slender design of this vibrator makes it ideal enough for the beginner, but provides enough stimulation to bring even the most experienced user the ultimate pleasure.

Dr’s Prostate Massager is waterproof as well, meaning this probe can be used in the shower, bath, hot tub, or any body of water.  The prostate gland can be easily reached by gently inserting the massager head a minimum of 2 to 3 inches into the anus, and softly stroking the specially designed head toward the front of the body, massaging the walls of the rectum.  Two intensity’s of pulsation are easy to control with its twist end, providing variable prostate stimulation.  Use while masturbating for intense ejaculations.  Recommended for beginners who have never tried, or are new to prostate stimulation, but the seasoned pro will enjoy it as well.

Width: 1 inch bulb (3cm), 1/2 inch shaft (1.3cm)
Length: 6.75 inches (17 cm)
Requires 2 AAA batteries

Insert approximately 2-3 inches, DO NOT over insert.

Clean up with soap and water is very easy without fear of ruining The Dr’s Prostate Massager.  Perfect with The Dr’s Pumper’s Lube and easy to keep clean with antibacterial soap.  Clean after each use, store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.  This prostate massager has an angled head, which really makes it easier to reach the prostate gland.  Simultaneous prostate and penile stimulation has been known to cause orgasms otherwise unsurpassed.  Remember that both men and women tend to enjoy anal sex more when they are already aroused.

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