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ED Metal Hand Pump System

$319.00 $219.00

✔ Gain 1-3 inches in length

✔ Gain up to 25% in girth

✔ Instant results every time you pump

✔ Stronger, Longer Lasting erections

✔ Safe, pain-free, drug-free & all natural

✔ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Includes: Metal hand pump with air pressure gauge and hose , ED cylinder, constricting rings.

* Note that individual results may vary.

Further details and sizing instructions below.


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How to measure

Penis length is measured in inches from the base of the penis shaft (top view) to the tip of the penis when fully erect. Penis circumference is measured at the base of the shaft when fully erect.
Penis head circumference is measured at the greatest circumference of the penis head when fully erect.

Wrap a piece of string around the base of your penis. Once fully erect mark it with a pen were the two ends overlap. Measure the distance against a ruler. This is your circumference. You can also use a tape measure.

Your scrotum size is estimated and should be evaluated subjectively in relationship to your flaccid penis. Indicate: small, average, large or extra large. Individuals who are 20 pounds or more overweight require a larger second penis scrotum cylinder.

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