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Q:What are the expected gains?

A:Generally, most people will gain from 1-3 inches in length and about 25% in girth. This occurs both in the erect and the flaccid or soft state.


Q: Are the results permanent?

A:Yes, after working with thousands of clients for nearly twenty-five years, we have discovered that most men using the vacuum pump report permanent penis enlargement.

Q: Is there any maintenance required after reaching your maximum size?

A: Yes, to maintain your maximum gain, it is recommended to use the vacuum pump once every 10 days for 20 minutes.

Q: How often should I use the Vacuum Pump?

A: For erectile issues, it is recommended that you use the vacuum pump with the constriction rings prior to having sex. However, for non erection purposes, such as penis for enlargement, use the vacuum pump 3-5 times per week for 20 minutes up to an hour. Never use the same cylinder twice on the same day. The vascular tissue needs a minimum of twenty-four hours to relax and rebuild. This is similar to bodybuilding.

Q: Why should I order two Cylinders?

A: Both cylinders are required for maximum penis enlargement. The first expansion cylinder will thicken and lengthen the penis. The second penis/scrotum expansion cylinder will pull at the suspensor ligaments and provide additional length. The second cylinder additionally increases the flaccid state.

Q: Do I receive instructions with my order?

A: Yes. All the systems come with detailed professional instructions backed by our knowledgeable support team and The Doctor himself. The Doctor's vacuum pump systems are the only products on the market that truly work. If his penis enlargement pump system did not, he could not be in business for twenty-five years. The Doctor has been supplying quality pump systems since 1991. None of our competitors can make this claim and most are not around long enough to claim anything at all. For further details, please read the instructions or contact our office.

Q: Can the pump reverse penis shrinkage due to age?

A: Although not empirically validated, most men claim that by age 40 their penis begins to shrink. Generally by age 40, most men experience ten percent shrinkage in penis length and thickness. By age 60, many men experience a twenty five percent decrease in their erection size when compared to their mid-twenties. However, when you use the vacuum pump; it can quickly bring your penis back to your original size.

Q: Can the penis head get larger?

A: The penis head can become larger. The Doctor designed a special head enlarger cylinder which can be used in conjunction with the penis cylinder and the penis/scrotum cylinder. This will increase the penis head size up to 15%.

Q: Do I need the penis head enlarger?

A: Yes, it is highly recommended. The penis head enlarger is a cylinder designed to grip the penis head and works best with the electric pump. Generally, use the head enlarger after you have pumped your penis. After pumping your penis, your shaft becomes thicker and this helps create a better gripping seal to use the penis head enlarger.

Q: Why is the electric pump recommended?

A: The electric pump is highly recommended because it is easy to operate and provides an ongoing and even flow of pressure around the penis. Therefore, unlike hand pump, there is a constant vacuum suction and your desired results will come quicker. In addition, the pressure feels better. The electric pump is fully warrantied and works great with the head enlarger and nipple cylinders. Although the hand pump includes an accurate air pressure gauge and has proven effectiveness, the electric pump is key for ultimate penis enlargement.

Q: Why do I need a gauge on the pump?

A: The gauge is recommended so you can monitor the exact level of pressure to use when pumping. I recommend using pressure from -5 to -10 inches of mercury. Numbers do vary. Most gauge numbers are found on the outside of the gauge. Always use less pressure then more pressure. Do not try to fill the cylinder or try to reach the end of the cylinder. Never swell your penis.

Q: Can I take supplements while pumping to expedite my results?

A: Yes. We recommend our penis enlargement pill and testosterone enhancers. These supplements will maximize blood flow into the penis which will ensure maximum penis tissue development.

Q: Are Pump Cylinders easy to clean?

A: All cylinders are made of 100% crystal clear and seamless medical grade acrylic. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

Q: What is the Leather Strap used for?

A: The leather strap can be worn for up to one hour after pumping. The strap keeps the penis engorged and is helpful for long-term enlargement. The strap can be easily worn under your pants after you have completed your pump sessions. Fasten the strap under your scrotum and over your penis. Wear it firmly, but be careful not to cut off circulation.

Q: What is the average Penis Size?

A: Generally, most men are between 6 and 6 1/2 inches long when erect. The average penis circumference is approximately 5.5 inches around.

Q: How does the Vacuum Pump work?

A: The penis is muscle like in structure. The vacuum pump forces blood into the penis at a much higher level than your natural erection. Like body building, the capillaries will expand and dilate, break down and rebuild. In turn, your penis becomes bigger, longer harder and thicker.

Q: Is the pump safe?

A: Yes. The vacuum pump is a very safe device. Side effects are infrequent and minor, and can be minimized by not misusing the device. When using the pump for
erectile dysfunction, do not leave the erection constricting rings on for more than 30 minutes. Do not over pump your penis. Do not try to fill the end of the cylinder. Do not use the electric pump in the bathtub. Do not share cylinders with family or friends.

Q: Can the pump help with erectile dysfunction?

A: Yes, both the electric pump system and hand pump system can help strengthen your erection. Pumps are the number one devise used to enhance penile rigidity. Be sure to use erection constrictor rings to secure your erection during sex.

Q: What type of men use a penis enlargement pump?

A: All men of all ages and of all races use the vacuum pumps. This includes straight men, gay men, bisexual men, high-income, average income and low-income men. Body builders and jocks especially enjoy using the vacuum pump as a means to complete their full body building workout.

Q: Does the pump feel good and can it make me ejaculate?

A: The purpose of using the vacuum pump varies. When using the pump, it does feel good and the electric pump can be used for masturbation. However, that is not the primary purpose for using the pump. Moreover, it is recommended that you do not ejaculate before or during pumping. Ejaculation relaxes the penis and slows down the enlargement process.

Q: Can I use the pump if I am not circumcised?

A: Yes. It makes no difference whether you are circumcised or not circumcised. When using the head enlarger, simply pull back your foreskin to expose the penis head.

Q: Do you have any special tips or techniques for penis enlargement?

A: Yes, I suggest you concentrate on the penis cylinders. Use the penis cylinder 3 times a week or every other day. Use the penis/scrotum cylinder twice a week. Always be sure your penis is warm when you pump. A warm bath or warm shower prior to pumping is recommended. Try to be excited and aroused while you are pumping. Always use the appropriate pressure. Do not over pump or swell your penis. Always wear the leather strap after pumping and for a minimum of twenty minutes. Do not ejaculate for 30 minutes before, during or after your pump session. I recommend you take supplements prior to pumping.

Q: Can there be swelling after using the pump?

A: Swelling under the penis head is a temporary and common occurrence which goes away quickly. It is caused by using too much pressure or pumping to quickly. Make sure you massage and lubricate your penis before pumping and follow the instructions. In addition, try to have a full erection while your penis is in the cylinder. Therefore, never ejaculate before pumping. Pump no more than 3 times per week, every other day. Do not overpump.

Q: Should I have Penis Enlargement Surgery?

A: No. Stay away from surgery! Penis enlargement surgery generally costs over $5,000 and is not covered by health insurance. Most people are not happy with the results and many men are disfigured and loose sensation. There are no guarantees with surgery and it is simply not worth the risk. Please speak with our support team and try one of our pump systems first before considering penis enlargement surgery.

Q: Can I use a Vacuum Pump after surgery?

A: Yes, the vacuum pump can be used 8-10 weeks after surgery, but confirm this with your surgeon. We highly recommend the electric pump because it is much gentler and is easier to operate. Use minimum pressure only. Again, always consult your physician prior to using the pump especially after any kind of surgery.

Q: If I have Genital Implants, can I use the pump?

A: No! If you any type of implants in your penis do not use the vacuum pump. However, if you have implants in your scrotum only, you might be able to use the penis cylinder, but you must check with your physician first.

Q: I have a blood clotting disease. Can I use the pump?

A: No. Men who are hemophiliacs or men with any blood clotting disorders or taking blood thinners should not use a vacuum pump. Talk to your physician first before using any pump.

Q: Should I order both a hand pump and an electric pump.

A: Generally, the electric pump is recommended. However, many people order both the electric pump and a hand pump. They use the hand pump for travel and the electric pump at home.

Q: What is the minimum I need to order to get started?

A: You should order a hand pump, or preferably the electric pump with the air pressure gauge. In addition, you also need to order a penis cylinder, a penis/scrotum cylinder and a leather strap. The erection constrictor rings are used for erectile dysfunction. The head enlarger is highly recommended because it will increase the size of your penis head. Pumpers lubricant is required to create a better seal.

Q: Do I need the leather strap?

A: Yes, the leather strap is placed under the scrotum and over the penis after pumping. It keep your penis
engorged and the tissue expanded. Do not ejaculate after pumping.

Q: What are the erection rings used for?

A: Erection constricting rings are used for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who just want to have a stronger and firmer erection. Use the erection constrictor rings during sex. Never sleep with them or wear them longer than 20 minutes.

Q: Should I order the Weight Stretching System?

A: The weight stretching system consists of a handmade leather carrying case, a penis stretcher, a scrotum stretcher and four weights. The weight stretching system immediately adds 1 inch to in length during usage. It can be used from 15 minutes up to 2 hours anytime and in conjunction with the pump program.

Q: Will I become dependent on the pump to get an erection?

A: Absolutely not. The pump will not hurt or hinder your erection nor will it cause erectile dysfunction. You will never become dependent when using the pump for maintaining an erection. The pump will strengthen your erection.

Q: Will I need to keep ordering Larger Cylinders?

A: All cylinders are over-sized. Therefore, most people do not need to order larger cylinders for at least one year. If your cylinder does become tight and difficult to remove after pumping or the penis head is hitting the top and becomes pressed along the sides, you will need to order a larger size. To reorder cylinders or additional equipment call the office at (888) 978-HUGE (4843), Monday through Friday, 7AM to 7PM PST.

Q: What is Nipple Enhancement?

A: Nipple enhancement or enlargement can be used for both men and women. Commonly, it is used for people who want to increase the size of their nipples or for people with inverted nipples. Nipple enlargement also increases sensitivity and stimulates sexual arousal.

Q: Who is eligible for discounted prices?

A: If you are a student, disabled, or in the active military, discount prices are available. For more information please call our office at (888) 978-HUGE (4843) during regular business hours. Payment plans are also available for qualifying individuals.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Most orders are processed within five business days. We ship daily, Monday through Friday. Standard shipping in the US and Canada generally takes 5-7 days. All shipments can tracked.

Q: What is the difference between rush and regular delivery?

A: If you need to rush your order, kindly contact us at (888) 978-HUGE (4843) during regular office hours. Orders are processed daily and go out every week-day morning. Western Union and Money Gram is available for immediate processing. Please call us with your Western Union and Money Gram information.

Q: Is equipment mailed discreetly?

A: Absolutely! All equipment is sent in a plain white box. We generally ship through UPS, FedEx and USPS.