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David is from Santa Rosa, California.

At age 23, David began pumping using Dr. Kaplan's two cylinder method and head enlarger.He was one of Dr. Kaplan's first clients. David has been pumping for many years and has gained over 3 inches in length and 2 inches in circumference. David continues to be in contact with Dr. Kaplan.

New Before and After

Major increase in flaccid state. (1997)

Michael from Pensacola, Florida.
Age 36.

Michael had been using Dr. Kaplan's electric pump system for two years. Michael's penis size changed from 7 inches long to 9 inches long erect and he gained approximately 25% in girth.


Significant increase in girth and length, both flaccid and erect. (2006)

Ralph from Houston, Texas.
Age 41.

Ralph has been following Dr. Kaplan's pump program for 18 months. He has gained 2 inches in the flaccid state and significantly longer and harder when erect.

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Notable increase in length of penis and successful correction of mild curvature. (2007)

Marcus from Denver, Colorado.
Age 47.

Marcus has been pumping of and on for over four years using Dr. Kaplan's pump system. He has experienced tremendous gains in his girth. Marcus's penis circumference changed from 5 1/2 inches to 7 inches.


Massive increase in girth.  (2009) 

Robert from Scottsdale, Arizona. Age 26.

Robert is a porn star. He's been using Dr. Kaplan's pump system since his early 20s. He is massively large. He hangs flaccid 8 inches long and his erect length is 12 inches.

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Before photo of Robert  (2012) 


After photo of Robert  (2014)

Massive increase in length.  (2012)


Dr. Kaplan encourages you to take photos and accurate measurements of your penis before you begin the pump program.